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Is your organization a Best Place to Work ?

A unique international certification program honoring organizations with the highest standards of excellence in regards to working conditions. Covering over 150 countries, Best Places to Work program gives your organization the opportunity to showcase itself among the employers of choice using a rigorous assessment methodology and a framework reflecting the very latest trends in people practices


Whether your organization has 15 or 2500 employees or more, participating in the certification program will help you understand how your employees are experiencing their workplace culture


The certification is an opportunity to tell your clients, partners, investors and employees that your organization understands the importance of workplace engagement and values its people


The program is an opportunity to understand how your people practices compare, and finding gaps and opportunities for focus to drive employee engagement and business performance

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Why getting certified ?

Any successful business relies on talented people. Attracting, retaining and motivating these talents is essential to generate a competitive advantage. The “Best Places to Work” program helps you to :

  • Reduce the cost and time invested in recruiting talents
  • Recognize your company great workplace culture
  • Benchmark your employee experience and discover opportunities for growth
  • Evaluate the impact of your people practices
  • Measure your progress and track improvement with year on year benchmarking
  • Create an environment that attracts top talents
  • Elevate your employer brand

What You Get


Certified as a Best Place to Work organization for the next 12 months

Culture insight

Understanding how your HR practices are aligning with the best standards and how there are effective from the perspective of your employees


Driving meaningful change in your organization. We can support you to understand, embrace and enjoy the experience of making improvement happen


Communicate on your achievement and access all the certification material to celebrate your culture

Our History

The Best Places to Work program is the flagship employer of choice program driven in partnership with Best Companies Group. BCG is a well established US company with the purpose of identifying and recognizing best employers in many countries around the world and places of employment that are leading the way in defining the employee experience of the 21st century.
The program started its international expansion in 2010 with leading programs covering more than 60 countries certifying world’s best-known organizations in partnership with many local and international established media companies.
Our accreditation is one of the most respected and comprehensive measures of workplace culture and talent management best practices.

Today, our brand is displayed by a number of organizations in many countries around the world

Some programs by BCG

Worldwide Recognition

We partner every year with leading local and global media to help build your employer brand and gain the best national and international exposure

Interested to partner with us ?

Best Places to Work program is looking for Business Partners in all regions around the world to help promote the brand and maintain relationships with local certified organizations. Our “Best Places to Work” programs align with economic development groups’ goals to attract and retain area workforces where we offer a collaborative experience, rich and deep for our partners and audience. Become part of our global certification program to foster business success and growth by creating a collaboration that can deliver tangible benefits. If you are interested in discussing potential partnership opportunities, please contact us via :

Interested in working with us ?

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