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Unlocking Excellence: Inside Fujitsu GDC Philippines Innovative Approach to Employee Engagement and HR Challenges

Discover how Fujitsu GDC Philippines fosters employee engagement, tackles HR challenges, and pursues excellence in the IT-BPM industry.


Fujitsu Global Delivery Center (GDC) Philippines is an IT-BPM company that is headquartered in Manila, with branches in Cebu, Japan, and USA, delivering extensive services in Business Application Services, Remote Infrastructure Management, Multilingual Service Desk, and Business Process Services, primarily to customers in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Oceania. For more information, visit

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The GDC’s global expertise comes from its three decades of operations, and its affiliation with Fujitsu Limited of Japan, an international ICT giant in computers, telecommunication, electric components, software, and services.

How do you actively engage your employees?

Fujitsu Global Delivery Center (GDC) Philippines prioritizes employee engagement through diverse activities, both virtual and on-site. Our Quarterly Team Development program empowers teams to lead and enjoy tailored activities. Continuous learning opportunities, engagement surveys, and a rewards program further contribute to a positive work experience. And lastly, we recognize talents through our rewards program to ensure that their efforts and contributions are rewarded.

What are the most significant HR challenges faced by your industry today?

We've recently tackled three major challenges: a rise in employee mental health concerns, talent retention amidst global opportunities, and ongoing engagement in a hybrid work setup.

To address these challenges, we've taken proactive steps such as partnering with counseling services to support employee well-being and offering diverse remote work options to retain and engage our talent.

Theo Cataluna
Aristeo Cataluna

Head of Human Resources

Could you share details about the teamwork activities offered to your employees?

We find the right solutions by bringing different perspectives from different groups within the organization. Especially for internal projects, we make sure that we work together to resolve and improve the way we work. We partner with like-minded organizations to provide support to communities and volunteer to programs that matter. Likewise, we enhance camaraderie by making sure there are regular development program opportunities to learn and grow.

Reflect on your experience with the Best Places to Work certification journey

It has been an affirmation of the things that we are doing well, that “We are doing the best practice in the industry.” Like a checklist, it helped us to focus on things that matter to provide the best work experience for our employees. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to implement the certification process for their organization?

When seeking certification, cherish every effort by documenting and nurturing it. Prioritize attentive listening and swift action, while acknowledging the significance of your brand image in both attracting and retaining talent. Being part of a company that offers the best work environment brings pride, making this investment truly worthwhile. 

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