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Événements de célébration

Célébrons votre réussite

Chaque année, nous organisons différentes cérémonies de remise des trophées célébrant les employeurs de choix dans différents pays. L'événement vous permet de découvrir les dernières tendances en matière de pratiques RH, de rencontrer les chefs d'entreprise inspirants et d'échanger avec des conférenciers de classe mondiale. Rejoignez-nous pour notre prochaine cérémonie :

  • Alger
  • Beirut
  • Le Caire
  • Casablanca
  • Dubai
  • Londres
  • Singapore
  • Tirana
  • Tunis
  • Paris
  • Tokyo
  • Manille
  • Sydney
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Tokyo
  • Bangkok
  • Johannesburg
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Riyad
  • Istanbul
  • Sao Paulo

Photos des événements de célébration

Renforcez votre marque employeur avec la certification

Découvrez pourquoi les organisations aujourd’hui choisissent la certification "Best Place to Work" pour valider leur expérience collaborateur

Prévoir un appel avec l’un de nos experts

Reconnu par les chefs d'entreprise pour créer de meilleures expériences pour les collaborateurs

Looking back almost four years ago, FirstBank did not strike any candidate as the place to be, nor was it the type of organization that could promise much to a new joiner. What it had though was a strong strategic ambition and a lot of potential driven by the quality of people inside and who joined in time. These were the seeds for the success of our journey from a neutral employer to a “best place to be”. Between then and now, our workplace has been like a movie set: intense, immersive, creative and exciting. We had a clear vision of what our People organization can become, and we executed it one day at a time. Our HR team has done an exquisite job at accompanying our leadership in managing teams and growing professionals throughout these years. This is all the more worthy of merit given that we are a stand-alone bank and all our human resources initiatives and systems were baked and delivered by us, with us. I am proud to look back at our journey and I am confident we are solid here.
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Be open and transparent to the employees and explain, communication is essential in the process of the certification.
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For those employees working remotely, we have digital activities such as webinars or online contests.
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The report is simple yet rich with information that we can use to implement action plans. We would recommend the Best Places to Work program to the companies that are looking for a people-centered certification and ways to improve their people practices.
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