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Nurturing Excellence: FRIME's Journey to Sustainable Seafood and Employee Well-being

Learn how FRIME prioritizes sustainable seafood and employee satisfaction through transparency and innovative training, fostering collaboration and community engagement.


FRIME is a globally renowned business group specializing in seafood sales, boasting over 45 years of experience since its inception in 1977 by Salvador Ramon at the Mercabarna Central Fish Market in Barcelona. Guided by values like humility, honesty, and perseverance, inherited from its founder, we prioritize improving global nutrition through innovative, responsibly sourced seafood products.

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As one of Europe's leading exporters of tuna, particularly yellowfin tuna fillets and portions, we ensure a steady supply of raw materials. Committed to sustainability, ethical business practices, and the well-being of all stakeholders, we align our efforts with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and implement ESG policies to offer socially and environmentally responsible products to the market. Our goal is to change the world by improving nutrition in all households, and we seek to accomplish this by innovating with products obtained through responsible fishing and standardizing them using industrial processes.

How do you actively engage your employees?

From the start, we emphasize transparency and values. During interviews, we showcase our facilities and explain the job and company in detail. Upon starting, employees receive a welcome pack and access our communication apps like Steeple and Factorial for news and documents. We give special attention to details of welfare to employees. For example, we’ve got free fresh fruit every day, free medical attention, birth presents, childcare help, sport events, parties and special awards. We value employee feedback, using surveys and maintaining open communication channels.

What are the most significant HR challenges faced by your industry today?

In our industry, we blend cutting-edge technology with traditional expertise because the intricacies of fishing aren't typically taught in schools. Another problem we're dealing with is keeping our employees. These days, people switch jobs a lot, and for us, that's costly because we spend a lot on training. That's why we're working hard to keep everyone happy and involved so they don't want to leave. This helps our company, FRIME, stay productive.

Our primary goal is to educate our workforce in these specialized skills. This is why we're partnering with schools and official organizations to develop tailored training programs. This approach not only helps us attract exceptional talent but also provides a promising path for young individuals unsure of their career prospects or lacking access to formal education.

Pablo Mugica
Pablo Mugica

General Manager

Could you share details about the teamwork activities offered to your employees?

Our team-building activities are diverse and engaging, fostering camaraderie and collaboration among our employees. Many of these activities are sports-oriented, such as participating in renowned events like the Behobia Run, the Half Marathon of Barcelona, or the Camí de Cavalls in Menorca. Additionally, we encourage team spirit through employee-created football teams and participation in fishery contests. Beyond sports, we extend our support to social initiatives, particularly those benefiting young people, exemplified by our involvement with Fundació Impulsa. These activities not only promote a healthy work environment but also reinforce our commitment to community engagement and employee well-being.

Reflect on your experience with the Best Places to Work certification journey.

Our experience with the Best Places to Work certification journey was both new and rewarding. While navigating the process initially posed challenges, the supportive team at Best Places to Work guided us through with patience and understanding. This journey underscores our dedication to creating a workplace where our team's well-being and success are paramount.

Achieving certification is a celebration shared with our employees, who are our driving motivation for seeking this recognition. We're committed to implementing the recommendations provided by Best Places to Work and aiming for even higher excellence in 2024.

Carme Tomas
Carme Tomas

Chief Human Resources & Compliance Officer

What advice would you give to someone looking to implement the certification process for their organization?

Having enough time to work on this is really important. You need time to explain the survey to your employees and make sure they understand its purpose and benefits. It also takes time to gather and organize all the information from the survey. And importantly, you need time afterwards to actually make the improvements suggested by the survey.

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