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Excellence in Community: The BSH Home Appliances Journey

Learn how BSH Home Appliances cultivates a vibrant community, fostering excellence and innovation while prioritizing employee engagement and well-being.


BSH Home Appliances is one of the world's leading home appliance companies housing elite brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau . We are the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe. In the Middle East, we are serving our consumers spread in nine 
countries (UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrein, Oman, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Maldives).

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At our organization, we're more than just a workplace; we're a tight-knit community driven by a shared vision of excellence. we strive to improve your quality of life at home through our exceptional brands, high-class products, and exceptional solutions.

How do you actively engage your employees?

Engaging our employees is at the heart of our culture. We foster a culture of open communication and transparency, where everyone's voice is heard and respected. A pivotal success story that has worked out well for us is having a dedicated group of engagement ambassadors from different functions who come together with the sole purpose of employee engagement and collaboration. Strong communication platforms have been designed virtually and onsite that allows for open dialogue and opportunities for cross cultural collaboration. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and leverage the global resources we collectively have as a company. Our efforts have been directed to become a resilient output driven organization while keeping our employees in the center of this vision, looking at areas to provide a personalized experience for them. Additionally, we organize various team-building activities, wellness programs, and social events to promote camaraderie and well-being among our staff. We also lean on our internal ERG’s for guidance and support.

What are the most significant HR challenges faced by your industry today?

There has been a dynamic shift from an employee perspective on expectations from an employer. They want to be assured that they belong to a community that strives to constantly better itself. This requires for us to evolve some of the conventional practices and adapting them to newer ways of working. We have tried to imbibe this in our day to day processes, thereby empowering the individual.

In our industry, attracting and retaining top talent is a constant challenge. The rapidly changing landscape requires us to stay agile and adaptable, ensuring our people is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. Additionally, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace remains our number one priority, as we believe that different perspectives fuel innovation and drive success.

Tomás Alonso and Faik Serkan Ergun


Could you share details about the teamwork activities offered to your employees?

Teamwork is fundamental to our success, and we offer a variety of activities to strengthen collaboration and camaraderie among our teams. From team-building workshops, to volunteering opportunities and sports leagues, employee resource groups, we provide a range of experiences tailored to different interests and preferences. These activities not only promote teamwork but also foster a sense of belonging and mutual support among our employees. We also offer professional collaboration across functions through digital platforms with our global colleagues.

Reflect on your experience with the Best Places to Work certification journey.

Participating in the Best Places to Work certification journey has been an insightful experience for us. It has not only validated the efforts we've put into creating a positive work environment but also provided valuable feedback for further improvement. The process itself was rigorous yet rewarding, as it encouraged us to reflect on our practices and think about meaningful changes we would incorporate based on employee feedback. Being recognized as the best place to work in the UAE is a testament to our commitment to our people and our culture of excellence.

What advice would you give to someone looking to implement the certification process for their organization?

Our advice would be to approach the certification process with an open mind and thorough authenticity. There has to be a desire to enhance your workplace culture. Listen to your employees' feedback and take proactive steps to address any areas of improvement. Engage your team members throughout the process, as their input is invaluable in shaping a positive work environment. Most importantly, view the certification journey as an ongoing commitment rather than a one-time achievement, continuously striving to create a workplace where everyone thrives.

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