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People Success Platform

Build a workplace where people thrive with our tools that can help engage, develop and upskill your employees

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Understand your organisation and your employees

Use real-time surveys to measure engagement levels and wellbeing

Make better people decisions based on data

Leverage smart surveys and machine-learning to ask the right questions at the right time

Spend less time reporting and more executing

Get instant access to results with intuitive dashboards, heatmaps, reports and benchmarks

Engagement survey

Turn your engagement data into performance outcomes with actionable engagement surveys that employees want to complete, and managers easily understand.

With consistent data, you can compare results across time, teams, or your entire industry. See who’s performing and where you need to focus to stay ahead of the curve.

Engagement survey

Automated Pulse Surveys

Run your pulse survey giving you the up-to-the-minute employee voice across all teams with our science-backed set of questions.

Drive action and measure your impact with a continuous, real-time understanding of employee engagement.

Automated Pulse Surveys

Custom employee survey

Launch custom surveys to better understand specific topics with over 50 templates ready to use including DEI, onboarding and exit surveys.

Uncover for example the reasons behind the exit of an employee. Conduct exit-interview surveys and use the feedback to improve the work culture of your company.

Custom employee survey


Stay informed on your brand’s reputation with eNPS questions added seamlessly to your Pulse Survey.

Measure continuously your company’s employee experience with Employee NPS and quickly identify sentiment within your organisation.


Employee experience

Optimize your employee experience and boost your ability to attract, engage and develop high-performing employees

Create and execute a holistic employee experience strategy that boosts employee engagement, reduces employee turnover, helps secure top talent, and supports business outcomes.

Employee experience

360 Feedback

Develop managers and employees with peer feedback. Enhance self awareness of each employee with in-depth insights identifyng top-performers from your team.

360 Feedback

Support your leaders and employees with guidance and advice

Give your people access to science-backed advice and suggested actions based on our engagement tools. The advice encourages self-reflection and constructive action, to create a culture of self-leading teams and employees.

Insights. Understand your employees in different moment

Our insights dashboard shows the most important engagement and performance drivers

Boost employee performance

We help yours managers and employees take meaningful action

Inspire your employees

We help you maximise your team's potential and create a workplace where everyone can thrive
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Make your employee experience a competitive advantage

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