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Get insights into the cultures of the best-performing organizations

Every year, the Best Places to Work program partners with many organizations, across different industries, to help them measure, benchmark, improve their HR practices and use data-driven insights to add value, enhance agility, and increase organizational effectiveness.

Regularly, we publish insights across industries and regions, benchmarking how companies are engaging their teams. Through those insights, we identify the features of the best-performing organizations and how they succeeded in building high performing cultures.

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We publish on demand benchmarks across different industries and regions


What can you learn from the benchmarks ?

Providing insights from the world’s top performing organizations

Consistent features of high performers

Our Engaging Growth benchmark tracks companies with the rare combination of fast growth and strong employee engagement. These high-performing organizations are hiring consistently while keeping their people motivated and committed.

Those organisations come from a range of industries—but they consistently outperform their competition on a range of survey factors. Their scores in Leadership, Company Performance, Engagement, Collaboration & Communication, Innovation, and Service & Quality Focus are 10 points or higher above the average factor scores.

Why use our Benchmarks ?

Through the use our Benchmark, you will be able to get further insights into how your company is doing compared to certified organizations. By being able to compare to other organizations:

  • You will be confident that your conclusions and actions are informed by data from high performing companies facing the same challenges and focusing on the same initiatives as your organization
  • With data and comparative benchmarks that contextualize your results against a other companies, you can learn exactly what the topics are that make your culture thrive
  • The benchmark data can help identify the areas that your team can most meaningfully improve to ensure the moments that matter in the employee experience is prioritized to be impactful

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