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Check some of our frequently asked questions about the program

Get answers to the most frequent asked questions

Best Places to Work is a global organization that certifies and recognizes workplaces that lead the way in redefining the employee experience around the world.
It takes 4 weeks on average to conduct the different assessments.
Participating organizations that are not certified or not selected for the “Best Places To Work” listings will not be identified and their names will not be disclosed or made public in any way.
The survey links are distributed randomly across all the employees of the organization. Firms that do not comply with this instruction are immediately disqualified.
Any organization with 15 or more employees and more than two years of existence. Those requirements are not applicable for the startup program
The program focuses on different workplace factors including: Employee conditions, compensation and benefits, motivation, relationship, training, career development, well-being, leadership and culture.
The employee survey process is completely confidential. All surveys are anonymous and when completed, they are sent directly to our platform that analyzes the data. GDPR is critical for us where we make sure that your company data is handled to the highest regulatory standard.
The employee survey consists of 36 questions with 2 open questions towards the end.
The HR Assessment consists of 154 questions divided into 6 sections.
Absolutely ! There are two options:
1) If your employee has access to a computer (shared or kiosk), they can use a unique URL to take the survey.
2) Employees without computer access can take through smart phones or paper surveys.
Survey invitation links are never shared. The survey code in each invitation is unique and has been carefully assigned according to your organizations structure. You can contact our support team ( if you have not received your survey invitation.
You can contact our support team ( and we will resend the invitation.
Yes, we can send you copies by post. If a visually impaired employee would like to do it over the phone, we will be happy to assist as well.
Survey champions promote the program in the organization, answer questions and help their colleagues feel comfortable with the different assessments.
Surveys typically close 10 days after launching. Please contact us if you want to extend your survey deadlines.