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Is your organization a Best Place to Work ?

We are the best places to work organization, a global employer of choice certification provider, honoring organizations with the highest standards of excellence in HR practices and employee experience using a rigorous assessment methodology and a framework reflecting the very latest trends in people practices


Whether your organization has 15 or 2500 employees or more, participating in the certification program will help you understand how your employees are experiencing their workplace culture


The certification is an opportunity to tell your clients, partners, investors and employees that your organization understands the importance of workplace engagement and values its people


The program is an opportunity to understand how your people practices compare, and finding gaps and opportunities for focus to drive employee engagement and business performance

Certified organisations


Grow profits up to 4x faster
than thier competitors

Can reduce staff
turnover by


Can improve
performance by


Employees who work for certified organisations exhibit :

  • - Consistant positive employee experience year after year
  • - Lower levels of stress
  • - A better work life balance

Why getting certified ?

Any successful business relies on talented people. Attracting, retaining and motivating talents is essential to generate a competitive advantage. The “Best Places to Work” program helps you to :

  • Reduce the cost and time invested in recruiting talents
  • Recognize your company great workplace culture
  • Benchmark your employee experience and discover opportunities for growth
  • Evaluate the impact of your people practices
  • Measure your progress and track improvement with year on year benchmarking
  • Create an environment that attracts top talents
  • Elevate your employer brand

What You Get



Certified as a Best Place to Work organization for the next 12 months

Culture insight

Understanding how your HR practices are aligning with the best standards and how there are effective from the perspective of your employees


Driving meaningful change in your organization. We can support you to understand, embrace and enjoy the experience of making improvement happen


Communicate on your achievement and access all the certification materials to celebrate your culture

Explore our certifications

We offer a number of certifications recognizing your organization as an employer of choice. Achieving the recognition provides you with unrivalled PR and marketing opportunities to elevate your employer branding. Check below the different type of certifications

Best Places to Work

It is the most popular certification program recognizing employers of choice globally with one certification methodology

Best Places to Work for Women

The program is recognizing organizations that have benefits, policies, and programs that are particularly beneficial for women to advance in the workplace

Best Places to Work for Millennials

The program is recognizing employers of choice for millennials


The program is designed to recognize startups that have succeeded in building a great culture


The program is designed to recognize employers that offering great working conditions to their remote employees


The program is designed to recognize employers that offering great workplace facilities

Special Awards

We recognize different organizations that have achieved outstanding scores around key engagement areas through our ‘Special Awards’.
Our awards include :

Engaging leadership

The award is presented to the leader who, according to their employees, sets the best example, embodies the organisation’s values and inspires the employees.

Diversity and inclusion

The award is given to organizations recognizing their innovative approach to diversity and inclusion

Total rewards

The award is given to organizations offering an outstanding total reward package compared to the market benchmark

Employee wellbeing

The award is given to organizations offering outstanding employee wellbeing programs.

Giving Back

The award is given to organizations recognizing their innovative approach in supporting their communities

Remote workers

The award is given to organizations offering an outstanding working remotely experience

Our certification offerings


Get an overview of your company culture and get recognized as one of the Best Places to Work

  • Get an overview of your company culture
  • Assess your HR practices and your employee experience
  • Get access to your analysis online to develop deeper understanding
  • Download the results overview
  • Team support provided
  • Certify and communicate on your company culture


Actively improve your people practices and your employee experience

  • Access to the detailed reports with the benchmark and action plans
  • Powerful culture insights with managerial access
  • Possible survey customization
  • Gap analysis and HR Expert support
  • Feedback session
  • Certify and communicate on your company culture

Compare Our Offerings in details

What is included in our offers ? Basic Standard Premium
HR Assessment and Employee survey
Custom additional statements or demographics Additional fees
Online resources
Customizable emails & languages (+40 languages)
12 months full access to the culture insight platform (Unlimited)
Demographics report (xlsx, pplx, pdf)
In depth report with Benchmark access (Local, Industry, Regional, Global) and action plan
Managerial access (Unlimited)
Feedback Session with the HR I Leadership team
Online action planning
HR expert and culture coach support
Best Practices database
Certification, Celebration, Media coverage, Ranking eligibility (Country / Regional / Global)

You would like to explore one of the certifications or share your unique culture, get in touch with us today!