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"Best Places to Work" Awards Manga Productions the Best Places to Work in Saudi Arabia Certificate for 2021

Riyadh, KSA, 9 August 2021: Manga Productions, a subsidiary under Mohammed bin Salman Foundation (MiSK), has been chosen as the Best Place to Work in Saudi Arabia for 2021. This year, the company is among the list of best places to work due to its innovative and stimulating work environment that enables the creativity needed to produce world-renowned films such as The Journey.


Dr. Essam Bukhary, CEO of Manga Productions commented on this great achievement, saying, “"In Manga Productions, we believe that human resources are the most important assets. Success requires a stimulating and inspiring work environment for achievement and creativity, and this is what we have worked on in previous years with the support of Manga’s board members and MiSK foundation. This certificate will be a catalyst for more successes, whether in the work environment or in the upcoming project, to inspire the heroes of tomorrow”.


"The journey started from the purpose of our company “Inspiring heroes of tomorrow” Manga Productions always strive to maintain a creative work environment that serves its mission, vision, and purpose. We are proud that we got certified among the best places to work in Saudi for 2021.”, said Mr. Hazzaa Alsubaie, HR Business Partner at Manga Productions.


Manga Production received a certificate from the Best Places to Work organizers, where this accreditation is recognized as the global standard in workplace engagement. The process to receive the certificate began with an HR assessment being completed by Manga Production’s HR team and an employee survey that asked employees to score Manga Productions around the 8 workplace factors in a completely secure and confidential platform. The factors covered in the survey include leadership, corporate social responsibility, workplace and procedures, employee engagement, teamwork and relationships, compensation and benefits, and finally, HR practices. The survey was conducted in two Manga Production offices - the Tokyo office as well as the Riyadh office. After which the organization analysed the data collected and identified key themes emerging along with Manga Production’s engagement level, benchmark performance, and provided recommendations.


Manga Productions, a subsidiary under Mohammed bin Salman Foundation (MiSK) is keen to produce animation projects and video games aimed at conveying the Saudi message globally through professional works that include distinguished creative content. The company also provides training opportunities for Saudi talents with Toei Animation studios in Japan to transfer knowledge and localize the creative industry in the Kingdom.


The Journey movie is one of the milestones in the company's journey, which seeks to be a pioneer and global leader in the production of purposeful creative content in the Arab world and beyond. The film, directed by Shizuno Kobon, tells an epic tale about the ancient civilizations of the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East that establishes a historical fantasy for future generations.


About Manga Productions


Manga Productions is a subsidiary of MiSK Foundation, established by Mohammed Bin Salman. Manga productions specialize outputs in the field within the creative industries. Its activities include the production and distribution of animations, video games, comics, local talent training as well as investment in the creative content industry.


Manga Productions was established to:


  • Narrate stories to inspire heroes of tomorrow.
  • Transfer content development technologies from experienced countries to Saudi Arabia
  • Build and improve professional content development in Saudi Arabia and the Arab World
  • Support and foster start-ups and young talents in Saudi Arabia and the Arab World in the fields of creating comics, animations, and video games.