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Workplace Culture and Employee Engagement Assessment.


We help organizations create better workplaces by measuring, improving and activating key actions that positively impact the employee experience and business results.

We measure how well you’re doing at leading and supporting your people, compared to other organizations in your industry from how your employees feel about the leadership team, to how you reward high performance and how you handle change.

Our academically rigorous methodology allows organizations to understand in depth where opportunities for improvement lie.


Best Places to Work accreditation

Stand out as the employer of choice in your industry, demonstrate your leading HR practices and award your teams for their effort. Beyond certification, you will empower every manager in your organization to improve employee engagement with real-time insights that show them exactly where to focus their efforts.


From insight to benchmarking

We offer a range of benchmarking insights as well action plan programs that can give your organization the power to make significant improvements to engagement levels.

Our certification offerings


Get an overview of your company culture and get recognized as one of the Best Places to Work

  • Get an overview of your company culture
  • Assess your HR practices and your employee experience
  • Get access to your analysis online to develop deeper understanding
  • Download the results overview
  • Team support provided
  • Certify and communicate on your company culture


Actively improve your people practices and your employee experience

  • Access to the detailed reports with the benchmark and action plans
  • Powerful culture insights with managerial access
  • Possible survey customization
  • Gap analysis and HR Expert support
  • Feedback session
  • Certify and communicate on your company culture

Compare Our Offerings in details

What is included in our offers ? Basic Premium
HR Assessment and Employee Experience Assessment
Custom additional statements or demographics Additional fees Additional fees
Online resources
Customizable emails & languages (+35 languages)
12 months full access to the culture insight platform (Unlimited accounts)
Downloadable Demographics report (xlsx, pptx, pdf)
Downloadable detailed report with Benchmark (Local, Industry, regional, global) access and action plan
Additional benchmarks Additional fees Additional fees
Managerial access (Unlimited)
Feedback Session & Results presentation
Online action planning
Focus Group sessions Additional fees Additional fees
HR expert and culture coach support Additional fees
Best Practices database
Certification (Achieve the minimum average score +70%)
Ranking eligibility (Country, Regional, Global)
Media Coverage
Certification box delivery

Ready to start your certification journey ? To find out if your organization is a Best Place to Work, get in touch with our culture experts near you.