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Our Culture Insight platform helps you to visualize the data captured in your survey assessments to provide an overall picture of the quality of your HR practices and the engagement in your organization. It paves the path for improvement and gives you the tools you need to make it happen.

Based on our AI powered technology, the platform gives you a breakdown and analysis of your results using graphical charts, filters and comparisons that enables you to identify trends and opportunities of improvement.

Some of our features include :

In-depth Analysis

Overall scores

Find out your scores across each of the 8 workplace factors of program

Engagement Drivers

See what is driving engagement in your organization

Scores by demographics

See overall engagement scores for your different groups (Function, Department, Locations..)

Topic breakdown

Breakdown of your scores per statement

Benchmark the data

Benchmark your results vs the rest of the organization and external organizations

SWOT Analysis

Understand your organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Action planning

Identify areas of improvement et determine your action plan

Employee comments

A full transcript of your employee comments

Manager access to the results

Empower your managers by giving them access to their departments/function results

Richer benchmarking

Year-on-year comparison

Benchmark your results against your previous years performance

Against the top 10 high performing organizations

See how your organization results compares to the 10 high performing organizations (Locally)

Against the top industry high performing organizations

See how your organization results compares to the top performing organizations in the same industry (Locally)