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Ranking BPTW Saudi 2022

The Top 14 Best Places to Work in Saudi for 2022 revealed

Riyadh, December 11th 2022 - Roshn, Gasco, Najm, Flynas, Tamkeen Technologies, Saudia Cargo, International Maritime Industries, Cenomi Centers, Qoyod, Magrabi, Resal, Alkhorayef Group, Utec and Jamjoom pharma are recognized as the top 14 best places to work in Saudi Arabia for 2022, according to the annual prestigious “Best Places to Work” certification program. Best Places to Work is an international certification program providing employers in different countries the opportunity to assess the quality of their people practices, learn more about the engagement and satisfaction of their employees and honor those who deliver an outstanding work experience with the highest standards in regards to working conditions.

Roshn was awarded the top position followed by Gasco, a leading company specialized in the transportation, filling and marketing of LPG. Najm for insurance services came in the third followed by flynas, the Saudi air carrier and the leading low-cost airline in the Middle East. Tamkeen technologies, an IT semi-governmental company succeeded in maintaining its position among the top 5 companies. Other companies including Saudia Cargo, Cenomi Centers, Qoyod, Magrabi, Resal, Alkhorayef Group, Utec and Jamjoom pharma succeeded in achieving for the first time top positions among the best performing companies in the Kingdom.

In light of the current business environment and talent shortages, Best Places to Work recent research and analysis has identified several critical differentiating factors of leading Saudi organizations, it includes inspiring leadership, talent focus, community engagement and agility. This year, the top 14 companies demonstrated a strong employee care culture where an average of 88% of employees said they have a sense of pride in their work, that leadership team is inspiring, and that they feel good about the ways the company contributes to the local community.

“The average level of engagement of the top performing companies is something to be proud of, especially compared to the average of all participating companies in Saudi Arabia. This is really an elite group, It’s the best of the best“ said Hamza Idrissi, Certification Manager for Saudi Arabia.

About the Best Places to Work Program 

Best Places to Work is the most definitive ‘Employer of Choice’ certification that organizations aspire to achieve. The program certifies and recognizes leading workplaces in many countries around the world with its proprietary assessment that analyses a company’s attractiveness through a two-step process focusing on 8 Workplace factors. Join our community on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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