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The top 5 Best Places to Work in India for 2023 revealed, Novo Nordisk GBS ranks no. 1

New Delhi, 11 December 2023: Novo Nordisk Global Business Services (GBS), OneMagnify, Novo Nordisk India, Bi3 Technologies, and MoneyGram have been ranked as the top 5 best places to work in India for 2023 according to the annual prestigious ‘Best Places to Work’ certification program. Best Places to Work is an international certification program, considered the ‘Platinum Standard’ in identifying and recognizing top workplaces around the world, providing employers the opportunity to learn more about the engagement and the satisfaction of their employees and honour those who deliver an outstanding work experience with the highest standards regarding working conditions.

Novo Nordisk GBS secured the top position followed by Onemagnify, a multidisciplinary marketing and communications company. Novo Nordisk, an affiliate of the global pharma company came in the third position, followed by Bi3 Technologies and MoneyGram. The key factors that differentiated these Best Employers included their marked willingness and agility to encourage diverse ideas and implement new initiatives to ultimately enhance the employee experience.

In a statement from John Dawber, Corporate Vice President and Managing Director, Novo Nordisk GBS, shared, “When colleagues, leaders, and internal stakeholders unite under a common purpose, magic happens. We could not be prouder that Novo Nordisk Global Business Services has been recognized as the #1 Best Place to Work in India. This is a perfect crescendo as we complete our centenary year as Novo Nordisk, and our 16th year in Bangalore as Novo Nordisk GBS. I am sure our founders would also be proud that we are carrying forward their values here in India.

Representing more than 13 different global functions, we are a passionate, driven family of almost 4,000 colleagues based in Bangalore who are dedicated to serving Novo Nordisk's 40 million patients worldwide.

As a matrix GBS organization and with the support of many stakeholders, we have worked tirelessly to deliver an employee experience where people can bring their true selves to work, feel safe, thrive, progress, and develop their careers. We strive to develop an engaging environment where everybody matters, and where all the employees’ families are proud that their loved ones work for Novo Nordisk.
My heartfelt gratitude goes to all our employees and their families, all our leaders both in Bangalore, Denmark, and elsewhere who continue to support us and put their trust in us. This is their award and recognition of everyone's immense contribution.”

Despite the challenges faced globally around employee turnover and declining engagement levels, the average level of engagement of the top-performing companies in India is 82% and this is something to be proud of. These companies succeeded in creating an engaging culture that prioritizes employees’ voices, values, and performance

Every year in India, the program partners with many organizations, across different industries, to help them measure, benchmark, and improve their HR practices, and use data-driven insights to add value, enhance agility, and increase organizational effectiveness.

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