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5 key tips for a strong and authentic employer brand

5 key tips for a strong and authentic employer brand - Best Places to Work

Looking to attract and retain top talent in a competitive job market? Check out these 5 tips for defining your brand, focusing on company culture, highlighting employee success stories, using social media to your advantage, and getting creative with your culture

Your employer brand is the image and reputation your company has as an employer. It encompasses everything from your company culture and values to employee benefits and work-life balance. 

Communicating around your EVP is a key part of employer branding. This can be through channels like your careers page, job
adverts, internal communications and social

  • Survey your employees and get regular feedback 

Running an employee survey is a great way to understand what you’re already doing well, and what you can improve to strengthen your EVP. Getting real insight into the lived experiences of employees helps make sure your employer brand is authentic and convincing.

  • Highlight Employee Success Stories

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors. Employees who love their jobs are more likely to share their experiences with others. Use this to your advantage by highlighting employee success stories on your website, social media channels, and other  marketing materials. Showcasing your employees’ achievements and contributions can help build a sense of pride and community within your organization, and it can also help attract top talent. 

  • Create a clear content strategy

There’s a lot of noise to cut through when communicating to current and prospective employees. To stand out, it’s important to make it obvious exactly what makes you organisations will make sweeping statements and promises, but employees want to hear their lives. Think about the best channels and types of content to communicate your employer brand. Blog posts, careers pages, and employee-focused social media like LinkedIn are a great place to start. Some organisations create separate social media accounts
specifically dedicated to showcasing their workplace culture, which can be a great resource for employees and jobseekers.

  • Get Creative when it comes to compensation and benefits 

Offering competitive salaries and benefits is important but not enough to build a strong employer brand. You need to get creative  with your perks and benefits to stand out from the competition. Consider offering unlimited vacation time or flexible work  arrangements, providing on-site childcare or pet-friendly offices, hosting team-building events or company retreats, providing opportunities for professional development and learning, and offering unique perks like free meals or gym memberships. 

  • Recognise your organisation as a Best Place to Work

Gaining recognition like the Best Place to Work is a great way to elevate your employer brand. It proves to both new and existing employees that you truly care about the organizational culture and the employee experience.