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8 Benefits of getting certified as a Best Place to Work

8 Benefits of Getting certified as a Best Place to Work

As we are in 2023, the future of work has become the now of work. Many of the changes which started during the pandemic were accelerated and have become permanent aspects of our working lives.

Getting certified as a Best Place to Work signals to the world that you have created a great company culture and your employees love to come to work. When you become certified, you earn more than just a shiny badge. You understand how you can improve in the short, medium and long term. 

1. Recruit top talent and strengthen your employer branding 

Great company culture is now a prerequisite for job hunters. Certification signals that your employees appreciate your employee experience and trust the leadership team. 

2. Leverage on the certification results 

Certification depends on the results from the employee survey and the HR Assessment. After we collect your employee feedback responses, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your company culture. You’ll get great insight into areas such as leadership, people practices, workplace, relationships and giving back.

3. Proudly display your certification badge 

Every certified organization earns a digital certification badge. You can use it throughout the year and even beyond to remind your employees and external candidates about your achievement.

Many companies include the badge on social profiles, print it on swag and proudly display it on their job postings and other social media platforms. 

4. Build employee pride

All employees want to be part of something special. Getting the best place to work certification builds pride among your workforce and stimulates the employees to make extra effort to see the organization succeed.

5. Reinforce your company values and culture

Raising awareness of your certification among current employees will help promote your company values, mission and culture. Certification reinforces that you are a company that cares and support the employees. A company that puts people first.
Join a community of certified organisations.

When you join our certified community, you will benefit from the numerous networking opportunities with other world certified companies. Celebrate your people, connect with like-minded companies and make your culture pride to the world!

6. Celebrate as a team

Employee recognition is proven to increase employee retention, employee engagement and perceptions of fairness in the workplace. When your organisation meets the certification criteria, it’s a great recognition. Rally your team around this win and celebrate.

7. Set goals and share your best people practices

The results of the certification program will show you what programs and practices you should continue to fund and those that are not meeting the expectations. By understanding what’s working and what’s not working, you can put resources where they’re needed most.

Additionally, we provide organizations with opportunities to benchmark their results so that you can set goals and put plans in place for improvement.

8. Reinforce the employee trust

Many companies find that asking employees to participate in a survey about their workplace experience creates goodwill. Employees appreciate being given the opportunity to voice their opinions.

When the executive team is clearly focused on creating a great workplace culture and continue to gather employee feedback on recurring basis, it signals to the employees that their happiness is a top priority for the organisation.