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the standard for workplace assessment

HR Assessment and employee survey

We invite your company to conduct an employee survey along with an HR Assessment completed by the HR team. The questions are designed around our 8-workplace engagement model. It is completely secure and confidential, so respondents are free to say how they really feel about the organization

Analysis and validation

We analyze the data collected and identify key themes emerging along with your engagement level, benchmark performance, and provide recommendations. These insights are guaranteed to shape your continuous improvement journey


If your organization achieves the required engagement level and alignment with the HR framework, it is time to celebrate the success and reward the effort to reach the certification

The 8 workplace factors

We believe that the 8 workplace factors are essential to the sustainable growth of the company. The true strength of this methodology lies in the interactions created by the feedback received. We propose to the management of the company an action plan and proposals to improve employee engagement

The 8 workplace factors

Insights from leading employers

Because outstanding people make a great business. We identify the features of the best-performing organizations, and feed that back into how you can build a better workplace culture. Discover the profile of some certified companies

Our team will help you in every step of the certification process

  • Our consultants will tell you everything you need to prepare before launching the process.
  • Your Customer Success Manager will help launch and understand the assessments involved.
  • Get access to our online resources or help desk support.

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