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Partners for Good; partnering with the "BPTW" organization

Amman Feb 28th 2022 - As part of its continuous efforts in creating and maintaining a modern and supportive work environment, Partners for Good (PFG) has launched a strategic partnership with ‘Best Places to Work’; a global organization recognizing high-performing workplace cultures. 

Through the agreement, Partners for Good is to become the program partner in Jordan. The program grants companies and institutions an international certification as a best place to work in general and a best place to work for women in particular.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Waleed Al-Tarawneh, CEO of Partners for Good explained the positive impact of launching this accreditation program: “Through our partnerships, we always strive to achieve our vision of empowering youth and women in Jordan. We believe that creating a better work environment is the first step to support entrepreneurship and creativity and empower women to actively engage in the economy.”

"The international accreditation certificate for ‘Best Places to Work’ is an ideal way to create positive competition between Jordanian institutions and companies, ensuring the improvement of the work environment, which will reflect positively on the community in general and the empowerment of women and youth in particular, in addition to its positive impact on the economy as a whole.”

“Any Jordanian institution that manages to obtain an international accreditation certificate for its work environment will reflect the level of excellent management and team work within it, and its possession to lead and support its employees, in addition to its ability to keep pace with challenges, changes and development.” he added. 

As a country full of potential, Jordan has been known for its dynamic business environment as described by Mr. Hamza Idrissi, the Global Program Manager at “Best Places to Work''. And towards the intended value of this program, Mr. Idrissi added “We believe in the potential and the benefit that this program will bring to the local Jordanian companies, through introducing the trends for workplace assessment setting new standards and opening new paths across the region”.

Best Places to Work program is the most definitive ‘Employer of Choice’ certification that organizations aspire to achieve. The program certifies and recognizes leading workplaces in many countries around the world with its proprietary assessment that analyzes a company’s attractiveness around 8 workplace factors. In this context, providing and securing a better work environment is a shared goal between the two organizations, as for, Partners for Good aims to develop the work environment in Jordan by providing its companies and institutions with the opportunity to participate in the international accreditation program and obtain the certificate. It also partnered with “Best Places to Work” to build a comprehensive development plan for institutions to enable them to achieve the highest levels of reliability amongst different sectors in Jordan and the world.