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Fostering Inclusivity and Excellence: McDonald's Jordan HR Initiatives and Best Practices

Learn how McDonald's Jordan prioritizes inclusivity and employee well-being through special programs, benefits enhancements, and dynamic workplace culture, reflected in their commitment to employee engagement and participation in the Best Places to Work certification journey.

McDonald's Jordan

McDonald's Jordan achieved notable success last year by reviewing and improving employee benefits and compensation, including updates to salary scale, incentives, insurance, and transportation facilities. These enhancements reflect the company's dedication to prioritizing employee well-being and satisfaction.

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McDonald's Jordan, with a workforce of 3,100 employees, not only strives to be an excellent workplace but also implements special employment programs. These initiatives cater to university students and individuals with special needs, including those with Down syndrome. Through these programs, McDonald's Jordan showcases its dedication to inclusivity and equal employment opportunities for a diverse range of individuals.

How do you actively engage your employees?

Our company fosters a collaborative and flexible culture, prioritizing employee engagement through accessible training, swift decision-making, and a non-hierarchical structure that encourages the best ideas. We support community outreach and individual initiatives, promoting autonomy and a performance-driven environment. With competitive salaries, open communication, and recognition programs, we aim to create a dynamic and inclusive workplace where employees thrive as micro-entrepreneurs in their respective fields.

What are the most significant HR challenges faced by your industry today?

Our ultimate aim is to foster an environment where every individual feels valued, empowered, and motivated to excel. Acknowledging the challenges ahead, including communication barriers and diversity issues, we are dedicated to actively addressing these obstacles to reinforce our commitment to inclusivity and empowerment within our team.

We are committed to cultivating an inclusive, collaborative, and growth-oriented culture where our employees' professional development is a priority, supported by competitive benefits and a focus on work-life balance.

Taher AL Titi
Taher AL Titi

Human Resources Senior Manager

Could you share details about the teamwork activities offered to your employees?

We employ various strategies to promote team cohesion and employee engagement within our organization. Through our Social Committee's efforts, we organize diverse events and activities fostering camaraderie among colleagues. Additionally, we prioritize effective communication by offering toll-free numbers and other platforms for open dialogue. Volunteer opportunities with Ronald McDonald House Charities encourage teamwork and social responsibility. Our team bonding activities are designed to instill our core values and foster a sense of unity. We maintain motivation through dynamic calendars, restaurant incentives, and global and local recognition programs like the President and Ray Kroc Awards and Employee of the Month. Regular team activities, yearly incentives plans, and celebratory annual parties further enhance our collaborative and positive work environment.

Reflect on your experience with the Best Places to Work certification journey

The Best Places to Work certification journey has been enlightening for our organization. The two-step process, focusing on key workplace factors and including employee surveys and HR assessments, has provided valuable insights. The employee survey has been instrumental in understanding our workforce's sentiments, while the HR assessment ensures our practices align with industry standards. Despite challenges, this journey has driven positive change, reinforcing our commitment to creating an exceptional workplace where everyone thrives.

What advice would you give to someone looking to implement the certification process for their organization?

If you're considering implementing the certification process for your organization, my advice is to embrace it wholeheartedly. This program partners with diverse organizations across industries, providing an excellent tool to measure, benchmark, and enhance HR practices. It not only offers valuable insights but also grants access to tools and expertise crucial for delivering effective and sustainable change. Embracing this certification process can be a transformative journey toward creating a workplace that thrives and evolves with the best industry standards.

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