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At Hilti we make and design leading-edge technology, software and services, which power the professional construction industry.

We’re global, based in over 120 countries with more than 28,000 employees.

Everyday our technologies support awe-inspiring feats of engineering around the world – from the famous bullet train in Japan to metro tunnels deep under the largest cities on earth.

We offer a 360 degrees service for your build – from software for design, products and tools for work onsite to training, repairs, testing and consultancy. We’re a one-stop shop for building, worldwide.

Caring and performance oriented culture
A year full of employee engagement activities such as sports events (football &cricket), family day, women day, men day, giving back to the community initiatives such as
Organized a campaign of blood donation, and labor Iftar during Ramadan month, pass the bottle initiates to distribute water across Kuwait in the month of July, beach clean-up
Marketing waves, Hilti learning portal called Fuse, we have University support program for those who would like to pursue and MBA Degree.