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AstraZeneca Team


AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business and our innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide

AstraZeneca is a company that values Science, Patients and People meeting patients’ needs;

  1. We follow the science bringing all the innovative science possible scaling up the practice of our partners
  2. We put patients first making the maximum difference in patients’ lives through our innovative medicines.
  3. We play to win; we collaborate, coach and transfer learnings & best practices.
  4. We do the right thing; we are disciplined and focused on outstanding execution
  5. We are entrepreneurial taking smart risks for faster and better decision making
We are guided in our work by a strong set of values that enable our people to do their business in a right way. We hire people who share our passion for science and believe that everyday can make a difference. We seek the best talents and develop winning teams. We encourage our people to take and adopt calculated smart risks and learn from both success and failure. And most importantly, we value the corporate social responsibility as part of our sustainability strategy and are committed to serving the communities in which we live. Moreover, we foster a collaborative engaging culture to make people feel comfortable in their second homes, while ensuring the right balance between their corporate and business lives.
Our people are offered a career not only a job through our learning & development culture and career progression opportunities. We create a future for our employees through having a clear career path and development plan tailored to each individual’s needs and enrolling them in several developmental programmes that would help build our talents and create future successors.

The past year has been exceptional across all aspects as the situation around the world with regards to COVID-19 has been evolving. But despite the challenges we were still able to make good progress on our business agenda with several improvement initiatives.

  1. We have adopted a “Work from Home” culture where our employees are trusted to deliver on both their business and personal responsibilities and most importantly treasure the health and safety of our people.
  2. We have stopped all travel plans, replacing physical with virtual meetings and utilizing technology through our digital platforms.
  3. Following our value of putting patients first and our social responsibility towards patients, AZ has donated a fully equipped ambulance to the Lebanese Red Cross
  4. We have supported the different governments and MOHs across Near East & Maghreb during the pandemic by the donation of N95 face masks.

We invite anyone who is passionate about science to join our company where we demonstrate positive societal, patient and community benefits. We bring our company’s values to life and make science accessible to everyone as well as playing an active role in our communities - a responsible and effective role in our society.

We maintain high level of integrity in everything we do, having a culture of transparency and trust and having employees from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and ideas where everyone feels welcomed and included.