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Servier Ukraine LLC is part of international and independent French pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit foundation, with headquarters in Suresnes, France.

In Ukraine Servier operates 20 years, the company employed nearly 280 employees. The product portfolio includes 19 original brand in the treatment of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic venous diseases.

Servier is one of the leaders in cardiology on the Ukrainian market. The company provides a wide range of original high quality and effective medicines to treat patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease and heart failure.

Servier maintains the highest ethical standards and responsible approach for its work and business management. The company offers wide opportunities to learn and develop, within a friendly team committed to drive global changes in healthcare.

We are committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs. At Servier, our vocation, combined with our independence and long-term vision, enable you to find meaning and purpose to give the best of yourself. Because the health challenges of tomorrow deserve innovative solutions, at Servier, you will be able to express your talent within a high-performing international Group, driven by collective energy and recognized for its scientific excellence. Because being a catalyst for change is a key factor of individual and group motivation, at Servier, you will have all the cards in hand to dare and grow within engaged and united teams.

Our people are the most valuable asset, so we pay close attention to building a company culture based on four values: Care, Dare to Innovate, Commit to Succeed, Grow by Sharing. They are our guide for building an atmosphere in the company, where each employee feels part of the team and valued, where the employee has the opportunity to develop and influence decision-making.

We create wide range of opportunities in Servier Ukraine for employees to maximize their potential. And the figures speak for themselves - Servier has been operating in Ukraine for more than 20 years. Our team throughout Ukraine consists of 280 committed professionals, almost half of whom have been working in the company for more than five years.

Servier offers a professional and caring environment that encourages self-development and self-actualization through tailor-made onboarding journeys, mobility opportunities, quality training, responsible management, cohesive teams and more.

Learning and development at the heart of our culture of excellence. Our training offer is recognized for its quality in the pharmaceutical sector. Learning takes place not only in the workplace, but also through online and face-to-face training sessions as well as through participation in seminars and congresses.

We adapt our training to the needs of each individual. This contributes to the development of employees’ skills and gives them a solid foundation for understanding and grasping the major strategic challenges that our Group and the pharmaceutical sector are facing.

We offered a wide range of internal practices for our employees during Covid 19. Absolute priority is given to the well-being of employees. We have reviewed the content of insurance packages for employees, revised the compensation program for travel to work and remuneration for personal protection goods like masks, gloves, antiseptics. There are also completely new programs to support employees, such as caring for their mental health. We introduced a psychological support service which is an opportunity for an employee to receive an online consultation from a psychologist or coach on any topic of concern. We believe that it is now very important to help employees cope with anxiety and anticipate the high risk of emotional burnout.

In addition, we launched a wellbeing program for employees consisting of regular communication and on-line lectures from leading experts on how to stay physically and mentally healthy and fit, working from home during stressful coronavirus time

Internal communication is highly important to engage employees in these challenging times, so we have delivered regular/ad-hoc/weekly communication regarding COVID-19 situation in Ukraine, provided useful links where to find the latest reliable information as well as informed employees about safety measures offered by our company.

All this help us to preserve high level of engagement.

Take part in our student and employer branding activities to get to know better about Servier in Ukraine, join our social media channels to follow the life in Servier Ukraine, read interviews with our medical representatives and stories at the job portals and in the media – meet us and make a step to be a member of Servier team!